Major congratulations are in order for the newly elected Assemblyman in the 18th legislative district; Assemblyman Sterley Stanley. Assemblyman Stanley was a Councilman from East Brunswick and filled the vacancy left behind by Nancy Pinkin becoming the first South Asian legislator from Middlesex County.

With plenty of legislative experience from his two terms as an East Brunswick councilman, we are excited to see how Assemblyman Stanley will continue to serve his constituents.

Assemblyman Stanley will be filling in for the remainder of Nancy Pinkin’s term which will end in January 2022. He will likely look to attain the support of the Middlesex Democratic convention during the course of this year so that he is in a strong position to run in November for a full 2-year term.

We are very excited to see yet another South Asian join our state’s legislative body and represent our community. Times are quickly changing! South Asians are becoming increasingly more involved in legislation at not only the local and state levels but also the national level.

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