We at SARI are excited to express our utmost support for 2 extraordinary women on their campaign to join the State Assembly as Democratic Nominees.

Former Montgomery Mayor, Sadaf Jaffer is looking to bring her past experiences to the table as she runs for State Assembly in the 16th Legislative District (LD-16). She has emphasized that her idea of leadership is guided by principles of economic, racial, gender, and environmental justice. With this progressive approach to leadership, she is looking to focus on economic development, access to health care, and infrastructure improvements.

To sign her petition to get on the ballot, you can visit https://docs.google.com/…/1FAIpQLScKqBpndaRmRA…/viewform

On the other hand, NOW NJ President and Mountainside Democratic Chair, Anjali Ganeriwala Mehrotra, is running for State Assembly in the 21st Legislative District (LD-21). Driven by her past experiences, she wants to empower marginalized groups within the economy including women, black and brown communities, individuals with disabilities, and the LGBTQIA population. In her own words, she is looking to “balance social change with fiscal responsibility.” She believes that as we continue to work towards our recovery from COVID, it is vital that we prioritize relief for small businesses and augment infrastructure through improvements in things such as our tunnel and transit systems.

We are very proud of all that these two amazing women have accomplished and look forward to seeing what they continue to do in the future!

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As always, remember to get involved and vote any chance you get!

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