President Biden recently stated his desire to have the United States rejoin the Paris Agreement. Environmental sustainability and climate change are at the forefront of many international agendas, and while some may see climate change as a more distant concern, the reality is that many cities within our very own state of NJ are being threatened by climate change. Mayor Ravi Bhalla, is one individual who has taken steps to address this very real threat. In the words of Mayor Bhalla himself, “Nowhere is climate change more real than coastal communities like Hoboken, where rising sea levels threaten the very future of our City. The President, in his address before a world stage, said America will lead, ‘not merely by the example of our power, but by the power of our example.’ Thank you to President Biden for putting those words into action today.”

Mayor Bhalla has been a leader in environmental efforts for many years now. He is a member of the Climate Mayors, a bipartisan network of over 470 US mayors working to combat climate change through meaningful actions in their communities. On the 2019 Earth Day, he signed an order to adopt Hoboken’s Climate Actions plan committing the city to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.

Over the past 8 years, Councilman Jim Doyle and Mayor Bhalla have been playing a major role in making the city greener through things such as an acquisition of 9 acres of open space, bike/car share services, composting programs, and more. His plan for a greener Hoboken currently includes the exploration and implementation of alternative/renewable energy sources, an increase in electric vehicle charging stations, an increase in street trees, community clean up events, and countless other initiatives.

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